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Lafrenière Fiscalité inc. offers integrated tax and financial planning services to lawyers, barristers, accountants, corporate shareholders as well as members of the public dealing with complex tax situations.

Are you certain you are not missing out on certain tax benefits?

Are you assisting your client with a significant transaction and you want to ensure you have not overlooked a tax triggering event?

Lawyers and barristers dealing with either corporate law, real estate or matrimonial affairs can trigger negative tax consequences. Your clients, either business stakeholders or physical individuals, expect you to inform them of all potential issues, including the advent of a notice of reassessment.

Accountants assisting business stakeholders with the growth or transfer of businesses are well aware that the tax code contains several potential pitfalls. In advising on projected corporate reorganizations, for instance, it may be wise to consult a tax expert to ensure these pitfalls are avoided.

Business stakeholders are generally well advised to consult a tax expert before settling for a specific organizational structure. Not performing proper tax planning beforehand can result in higher taxes owed down the road.

Complex individual tax situations are infinite as the complexity of our tax legislation has increased since initially enacted, one hundred years ago. If you are unsure how a specific legal transaction (purchase, sale, transfer, death or other life event) may be viewed by tax authorities, please consult with us.

Whether it be a one-time consultation or on a continuous basis, you will feel our enthusiasm in assisting you.

Our preferred methodology implies providing a written memorandum due to the complexity of matters involved. Furthermore, it allows us to properly show the source legislation which backs up our recommendations.

Please avoid taking useless tax risks by consulting with us!