Seeking professional tax advice is an astute decision

The uniqueness of every foreseen justifies the undertaking of a thorough legislative research. As Murphy's law has a tendency to unfold, proper tax planning can yield significant benefits.


Avoiding Costly Pitfalls

Canadian and Quebec's Department of Finance are wiling to grant taxpayers, both individuals and corporations, tax breaks, the latter were often intended for specific situations. Therefore, to limit abuse and overuse, very specific criterias may have been setout. Being aware of tax legislation allows for prudent tax planning.

Understanding Tax Incentive Programs

Scientific Research & Experimental Development («SR&ED»)

Over the past several years, our clients' experiences with SR&ED tax credit applications has allowed them to thrive and build valuable intangible assets for their businesses. Over the last few years, we also learned that clients can benefit from proper guidance in order to simultaneously increase the eligible credit amount and reduce the likelyhood of being scrutinized by tax authorities

Comprehensive Tax Implications

Even at a basic individual taxpayer level, it is worthwhile and complex to grasp how the various tax benefit programs interact. in our decision making process, we use IT simulation models to ensure we make the proper recommandation.