Optimizing your after-tax return on capital

Financial decisions should not be taken without careful scrutiny of tax implications. Tax friction should be a priority for new shareholders envisioning building business empires as well as those seeking to divest for retirement.


Optimal Legal Vehicle & Structure

In order to obtain the highest after-tax income from your business undertakings, or after-tax proceeds from the sale of a business, a wide variety of alternatives must be considered. Depending on the circumstances and objectives, some structures may be considered too cumbersome or costly, while others may be a perfect alignment with your identified needs.


Estate Planning

When the estate encompasses a few properties (principal, secondary and rental) as well as shares of private and public corporations, properly disposing of the assets may have a significant impact on the wealth left behind. Although some beneficial steps can be taken at the time of death, others can only be undertaken if the will allows for sufficient flexibility.


Passive Income in an Global Setting

Whether your a non resident holding Canadian investments, such as real estate or shares in the capital stock of a corporation, or a Canadian resident owning real estate abroad, the complex tax implications will have a significant impact on the return which may be generated. It may be worth knowing the tax implications before receiving an unexpected Notice of Assessment from the federal tax authorities.