Filing tax forms : an unavoidable task !

From the perspective of an individual or a contractor, tax returns are the prescribed forms that come to mind most quickly. That said, there are a multitude of prescribed forms with which we can assist you. For example, think about SR & ED, tax turnover, or testamentary planning.

Our expertise will allow us to assist you in the preparation of the prescribed forms for obtaining Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR & ED) tax credits. In this area, it is now generally required to submit TP-1079.DI to Revenu Québec when you are working with a third party to prepare your SR & ED claims. If you fail to comply, you may incur a minimum penalty of $ 10,000, up to $ 100,000.

For fiscal year-end work of corporations, where no third party is involved, upon request, we can prepare your corporate tax returns directly, without preparing financial statements, upon receipt of the statements internal financial resources generated by your accounting software.